Saturday 7 April 2012


I love when Forrest Gump finds out he has a son.

I love the way they used the Sheryl Crowe song 'I Shall Believe' in 'The Pallbearer'.

I love that Marilyn Monroe chose to be in movies.

And Jack Lemmon, too.

I love that Peter MacNicol and Greg Germann were cast together in 'Ally McBeal'.

I love it any time Cat Stevens' music is used in a film.

I love black and white movies.

I love colour movies.

And silent ones.

I love everything about 'Adventureland'.

And 'Jerry Maguire'.

I love the dialogue of Billy Wilder, Aaron Sorkin and Woody Allen.

I love the camerawork in 'Manhattan Murder Mystery'.

I love how the film E.T. makes me feel inside.

I love seeing Josh and Donna's relationship grow and change in 'The West Wing'.

I love the moment in 'Studio 60' when Matt admits the reason he got successful was because he was trying to impress Harriet.

I love Dawson and Joey.

And Ross and Rachel.

And Frankie and Johnny.

And Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox (F-O-X)

I love 'Malena' and 'Cinema Paradiso' so much that I go to Sicily just to feel closer to them.

I love Dito Montiel's New York.

I love Staff Benda Bilili.

I am IN LOVE with Natalie, Scarlett, Greta and Ellen Page.

I love seeing Michael Rapaport act.

I love when Bill Murray turns his shirt inside out in 'Lost In Translation'.

And in that other movie when he thinks he's God. Or at least, a God.

I love Needlenose Ned.

I love Charlie Chaplin.

I love Robin Williams in 'Dead Poets Society'.

I love it when a movie is SPECTACULAR!

I love it when you're walking down the street minding your own business and them BOOM a great movie moment flashes into your head and makes EVERYTHING BETTER.

I love the way Cameron Crowe uses Tom Petty's music in nearly all his movies.

I love Will Smith's performance in 'Seven Pounds'.

And Henry Fonda's in '12 Angry Men'.

And Charlize Theron in 'Young Adult'.

And Samantha Morton in 'Sweet & Lowdown'.

I love the film 'Beautiful Girls'.

And I absolutely love 'Anatomy of a Murder'.

I love when Jack Nicholson is in his car with the top down playing Van Morrison in 'As Good As It Gets'.

I love Helen Hunt in everything she does.

I'd love it if she had more roles.

I love the power of documentary.

I love 'Senna' so much that I scream about it nearly every time I meet a new person.

I love it when artists don't hide their influences.

I love YouTube.

I love getting a sense of the writer or director's VOICE when I'm watching a movie. 
I love 'Frasier'.

I really really really love 'Frasier'.

I love empty cinemas.

I love full cinemas.

I love going into the cinema lobby just to get the smell of the popcorn.

I love that movies remind me of where I've been.

And where I'm going.

I love the impact Tom Hanks' films had on me growing up.

I love the crazy movie 'Bubba Ho-Tep'.

I love Danish films.

I love that we're in an age where anyone can pick up a camera and do something.

I love when big giant blockbuster movies are done WELL. 

I love movies. 

Care to share?


  1. I was just talking about this very topic with my other half when I saw you had tweeted about your latest post. Yesterday I was in Brick Lane with another blogger Jayne when we were asked by a Slovakian to be filmed about our thoughts on what love is (as you do). Her answer was brilliant, mine was honest but not informative. I can't stop thinking since then about what the answer really is.

    1. But then important question is: did you get a good curry? Or some bagels?

    2. Ha, good point! Ended up going to the remarkable The Bridge with its 1950s/Victoriana/Morrocan decor for tea/cake/wine. What's not to love?

  2. I love The Kid In The Front Row!

  3. I LOVE this post because I love movies AND agree with so much of the above especially when Matt admits it was because of Harriet (I loved "Studio 60".

  4. "I love that Peter MacNicol and Greg Germann were cast together in 'Ally McBeal'." <333

  5. I wanted Joey to get together with Pacey because Dawson was so tiresome. Nice list though; any list like that should have enough things other people love that they nod, and enough which draw blanks to send someone away thinking about their own list, which this list did perfectly.

    1. I don't disagree about Pacey. I guess it's just that I was a film dude who was crap with women like Dawson, so I could relate. I like to believe we can get the Joey's. I'm still hoping...

  6. "I love 'Senna' so much that I scream about it nearly every time I meet a new person." - You and me both!