Wednesday 25 April 2012


"What exactly does third base feel like?"

I think the original 'American Pie' was a bit of a masterpiece. I know we're not meant to label teen comedies as masterpieces - but I love it, I think it's a fantastic movie. And yes, I'm biased. I feel personally attached to it. I guess it's an age thing; it's generational. I was the perfect age to be affected by this movie when it first came out. 

So much of 'American Pie' became iconic; Jim dancing for Nadia. Stifler drinking the beer. Jim's Dad. Finch shitting in the women's toilets. The phrase 'MILF'. The pie fucking.

That's why the 6.9 on the IMDB scale is a false number, because it has been more influential than half of the films that score 8 and above. 'American Pie' was an important film. It's easy to disregard teen comedies, but this one had something special about it.

They set the tone from the first scene. Jim, a porn channel with bad reception, and a sock. Yet all the films that ripped off 'Pie' in the years that proceeded it missed the point, just like the blockbusters that came after 'Jaws' missed the mark ---- the film had 

Yes, it's a film about four guys trying to get laid. And yes, it's crude. Yet somehow, we love them. Quite remarkable, considering the awful things they do. If I filmed a girl undressing in my bedroom and then broadcast it without her permission to hundreds of people, it would be unacceptable, disgusting, probably even land me in jail. In the film it's charming, and oddly -- we feel for Jim. We feel his desperation, his loserness. When you're a teenager, you don't have a clue what you're doing. You try and fit in, try and get laid, and try to impress your friends.

On the surface it's a film about boys trying to get girls into bed, but really it's a film about guys figuring out how women work, coming to terms with what love is. That's the best thing about American Pie, its sincerity.

Watching it again reminded me of how much I loved it. I know every line of dialogue. I've probably seen this film twenty five times. I realised how some of the dialogue and funny lines are things I say in real life; they've become embedded in me. I'd forgotten where they came from. Isn't it amazing how movies do that? They become part of your DNA.

I've got to confess that so many of my favourite movies are my favourites simply because: they're a blast! They're so much fun. This is the perfect example of that. I've always been the type of guy who loves the first twenty minutes of movies, and then gets pissed off when all the conflict and plot stuff comes along. Sometimes I just wanna get the feeling of hanging out with great people. I love it when movies allow for that. That's exactly what this film did. And luckily it had all the other elements too.

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  1. I recently revisited this film and was amazed at how some of it (like Jim secretly filming Nadia) is really seedy and yet completely not dwelt upon. I mean, Jim is sort of a dick character - the way he asks Michelle to prom and then shows such little interest in her UNTIL that scene-stealing line... She could do better - she's adorable.

    Yet somehow you can't help but love Jim and the guys. Only downside for me is Chris Klein's "acting" - but beside that this movie is great and, as you said, hugely influential.

    1. Yeah, it's crazy how we accept the actions of these characters! Interestingly though, if you watch the straight to DVD releases, like 'Band Camp'; the exploits just seem extremely disgusting and unethical!

    2. I recently purchased the straight-to-DVD releases (they were cheap!) and plan on working my way through them. I've seen most already a while back and... yeah... they're problematic. All I remember is The Naked Mile and the midget football match.

  2. Great review. Your love for the film is almost palpable.

  3. I remember telling my friends recently that this was the 1st time I heard the term "MILF.""I was pretty convinced nobody else noticed this but me. Loving your review of AP series.

    The first 2 still have a great place on my shelf. I was in high school when the 1st one came out and it captured those feelings the way Superbad reminded us of getting ready to go away to college.

    If you've never seen "The Wood," which came out a few months later, I always considered it the black version of American Pie. We called it "chocolate pie." Three best friends going through hilarious situations to lose their virginity. It has a little heart in it too for those awkward moments.