Saturday 7 April 2012

Blank Slate

Sometimes I want a blank slate. A clean brain without my outlook, prejudices and self-criticisms.

Maybe it'd be more romantic, or risky. Maybe it'd know how to spell necessary without using spellcheck.

Sometimes I think that's what creativity is. You don't look for an insight, you just look for an empty room inside your head, some place that hasn't been decided yet.

Care to share?


  1. I didn't understand what you were getting at with this post at first, but then I read your newer one (Overcrowdedness). I take it you meant creativity is blocking out the outside world? In that sense I could agree with you, but if you meant you want a place without your outlook and prejudices I don't know if I agree. Is it really possible for a piece of art to not have a part of the artist's self in it? Or maybe I'm reading this the wrong way.

    1. It was just a passing thought, that sometimes I'd like to see the world without my perspective on it.

    2. At least I think that's what I meant but who knows.