Tuesday 24 April 2012


"Sure it may be a cash in, but I want to see the Ghostbusters again. I want to see Woody and Buzz argue. We fall in love with characters and they inform our childhoods, our teenage years, and we always long for them. "They don't make them like they used to," we say. We think we miss the stories but most of the time we miss the people."
-KITFR on 'Scream 4'. 

This week, I'm focusing exclusively on the 'American Pie' franchise. Why? I'm a fan. When I heard they were doing a new movie, I was immediately excited. 
This is difficult for me, because I've always had a troubled relationship with sequels, remakes, and reboots. Generally; I disagree with them on principle. But what is that principle? I don't really know. 

And it's not like I feel that strongly about it. As I
explored a few years ago, the inner-grumpiness I often feel when remakes are announced, disappears as soon as I'm sitting down and watching the new movie. I enjoyed the new Karate Kid film. And then there was 'Scream 4', which I thought was amazing. But it's a different kind of amazing. More than anything, sometimes it's just great to see faces you know, people you grew up with. It's nice to know what they're doing ten years later.

That was the appeal when I heard there'd be a new American Pie film. The thought of seeing Jim, Oz, Michelle and Nadia again was exciting! After three movies (let's not even discuss the straight to DVD movies that came after 'The Wedding') it was, rightly, time to call it a day. The joke had run out, we were tired of Stifler, and Jim's Dad had given just about all the advice he could give. 

But time is an interesting thing. Going to see a new American Pie film is much like adding an old school friend on Facebook. You're unsure whether you should, but you can't help but be curious and hope a little of the old magic will still be there. 

So, yeah. I'm a fan. I decided to watch the first three movies again and write about my thoughts. And then I'll tell you what I think of the new one.

American Pie week will run from April 24th - April 30th here on Kid In The Front Row. 

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  1. I did the same over at Mostly Movies. I reviewed American Pies 1 and 2 and then American Reunion after seeing it in the cinema. I left out American Wedding because I remember really disliking it the first time around and didn't want to devote any time to watching and writing about it. But I own the first two.


  2. I really enjoyed this new one, like you say it's just nice to see those faces again. It gives a feeling of nostalgia.

  3. I think I might have to do the same. I LOVED American Pie 1 & 2 and I felt a sense of relief when I found out they were releasing 'American Reunion'. Why relief? Well, as you say, I missed them! Although I feel like I fit in better in England than America, I still feel homesick much of the time and long for the comforts of home. It's it strange how characters from films become embedded in our minds and hearts almost like real friends? That's why I'll never get rid of my 'Friends' dvds....when I'm feeling lonely and missing various people, it's nice to have 'friends' you can always rely on.

    1. Definitely; totally get that feeling. It's good to see them return, that was my overwhelming feeling.