Saturday 28 January 2012

Feel Flows

I had a bunch of night shoots and am now, I believe, somewhere near a Sunday, and I'm clinging on to being awake just because the music I'm listening to is so great.

It's like a barrier breaks down when you're super-tired, and the music can get in on a different, deeper level, somehow. I'm listening to one of my favorite film scores by a friend in L.A, and before that I was listening to 'Feel Flows' by The Beach Boys which I only know because of "Almost Famous."

It's weird how these pieces of music remind me so deeply of the films but also of myself, and life. And now some tracks from George Fenton's "You've Got Mail" score are playing--- and wow, it's a beautiful score. I always wonder why a seemingly average rom-com like that resonated with me so deeply. Maybe It's the music. As I write this, the music has had my mind travelling to New York and to women of past and emails lost and I never know where a movie ends and I begin. The music blends the line even more.

I've had something like seven hours sleep in the last three nights and everything about that sucks apart from the fact every piece of music right now is sinking in.

Now It's not film music. It's Fleetwood Mac, with a live version of 'Landslide'. Every line in this song is profound. Do you think you know that when you write it? Do you think the producer or exec who tells you to cut a line is fully aware of everything they're risking losing? Art is hard to do. Impossible to stick by. But occasionally someone does, and what they leave us is magic. I guess when that happens, people are able to have the kind of experiences that I am enjoying right at this precise moment.

Care to share?


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  2. God, I know exactly what you mean right now. I've done 10 nights now (with some breaks in between that are just enough to make you want more), with about a month more of nights to go. I've turned into a vampire. And music is just the thing to keep you on this side of losing the plot.