Tuesday 15 May 2012


Found a bunch of notes and half-written blogs on my phone. Thought I'd share with you the stuff that didn't make it over recent months! There's beginnings of stories, random tweet-like thoughts, blog ideas that didn't go anywhere. Enjoy! (or not as the case may be).

You ever have that moment when you're about 4 minutes from arriving at some place so you have to desperately scramble through your songs for the perfect track to end on?

Windows - Short Story

Darren could sense it hovering over him, somewhere close but out of reach. A message in the night which used to be a blur but now was so clear. The message was simple and it was as follows: 

You only get a brief moment of time in which an opportunity exists.

Michelle knew this rule only too well. She met Ricky on a cold November night and shared every secret she never even new she had. And then the next night he was killed. You might be surprised to hear it, but she felt a lot of happiness. Why? Because she'd caught the window. She'd met him, made the connection.

Darren had done everything right with Rebecca except tell her how he feels. She went home one night feeling all the energy and magic that life has to offer and it was all because of him. 

But three days after that, she had a new boyfriend called Mark.

No window stays open for very long. The things inside are too enormously valuable.


Sometimes you need to let your brain know that not achieving all your life's goals THIS WEEK is okay. 


It's not what you know, It's who you know

Yeah, and what? Sure, if Spielberg is your Uncle you have an upper hand over upcoming directors who aren't related to Spielberg. 

So we can moan about those privileged people and say "How can we get to make movies when the junior Coppola's, Loach's and Eastwood's get an upper hand?" But they're not the only one with privileges that make it possible to make movies, you have them too.

Did someone give you a camera to play around with when you were a kid? Are you parents still together? Do your legs function? So many things contribute to where we end up. 


Tips on Creating and Maintaining a Successful Blog

1. Find a topic that you're passionate about. 

2. When an insurance company offers you $200 to put an ad on your site, say no. It'll hurt you in the long run in a variety of ways. Your readers will distrust you and google will penalise you for irrelevant links.

3. Focus on good content.

4. Remember it's just a blog.

5. Interact with commenters.

6. Sometimes you'll feel like no-one's reading, don't worry about it.

7. Be yourself.



You've got to stay at it long enough until the doors open. What's worse, you can't even see the doors until you're that good. You think you're in a closed room, and then suddenly, there's a door and in the next room there's four more. You get great, you practice, you write to get ready for the possibilities. You learn how to act on inspiration. You learn how to leave in mistakes. You learn how to act without delay, you learn how to eliminate filters, all the voices in your head. You take chances. And since you've put in so many hours, you never suck, your stuff is never terrible, but it's only when you hang it out there that it's great. 


Newspapers are Dead

Everyone is holding on to the old way, pretending that nothing has changed, but how long can they hold on? Rupert Murdoch is the perfect metaphor for the whole industry. Once powerful and untouchable, now he's desperately scrambling for any scraps of credibility that he can find. I can't remember a multi-billionaire being so powerless.

Care to share?


  1. It is like finding hidden treasures in junk. But in fact it is not junk at all

  2. And a good reminder that not everything will always be fully formed or polished, or make it from initial idea to a finished piece. As always, thank you!

  3. 'You ever have that moment when you're about 4 minutes from arriving at some place so you have to desperately scramble through your songs for the perfect track to end on?'

    Yes. Almost every day. And by the time I actually pick a song, I have a minute and a half left before arrival. I think that's one of the saddest feelings in the world, knowing you won't be able to enjoy the whole song.

  4. Excellent post. Are you planning on extending these bits and pieces?