Wednesday 23 May 2012

A Short Screenplay Inspired by KITFR Readers!

A couple of days ago I asked for your suggestions in the following criteria:

A character name: 
A location: 
A conflict: 
An object: 
A long, hard to pronounce word: 

And then I promised to make up a short screenplay on the spot, based on whatever you give me. I did this knowing that in all likelyhood the screenplay would be terrible and convince you all I can't write for shit. But then again, who cares! It seemed like a fun idea. Here were your ideas: 


A character name: Maya
A location: an abandoned amusement park
A conflict: she gets in a fight with her best friend as they're exploring
An object: a custodian's key ring
A hard to pronounce word: Yreka Zzyzx


A character name:
Chris P. Duck
A location: The long flat moving walkway that takes you between gates at an airport.
A conflict: Chris has dropped his passport on to the walkway travelling in the opposite direction.
An object: The passport (and boarding pass).
A hard to pronounce word: "Acesulfame K" (it's in the ingredients list on the drink I am currently enjoying).

A character name:
A location: Nature reserve as storm clouds threaten.
A conflict: Zed sees something unusual he can't quite make out in the lake.
An object: A mobile phone with low battery power.
A hard to pronounce word: Paraprosdokians
A character name: Claude
A location: A photobooth at a subway station
A conflict: Claude keeps on taking pictures although there is a long queue outside the booth.
An object: A bleach bottle.
A hard to pronounce word: Paralipomena.

Read the script HERE!

Care to share?


  1. Brilliant KITFR!!
    If you're not happy with it as a screenplay that is just about the funniest improv comedy sketch I could hope to imagine given what the 'audience' provided you with. Think: "Whose line is it anyway", that Drew Carey-hosted improv show.
    Great way to start my day. Thanks!