Tuesday 22 May 2012

JOHN MAYER "Born and Raised" Album Review

"Don’t be scared to walk alone 
Don’t be scared to like it 
There’s no time that you must be home 
So sleep where darkness falls" 

 John Mayer miraculously managed the rare feat of courting the mainstream, yet staying true to himself. The country-tinged sounds of his latest album 'Born and Raised' wouldn't have been the idea of Columbia Records, but it's where he wanted to go; just like when he formed the 'John Mayer Trio' for some more bluesy fare.

This isn't John Mayer's best album. Half of it is mediocrity. But that happens - nobody can be great all the time. Rembrandt produced nearly 700 paintings, Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, they're not all genius.

But what Mayer never fails to deliver is those little, understated moments that you can't help but relate to. A little turn of phrase, a little pluck of the guitar; there's no-one like it. That's MASTERY! He toured the shit out of his early records; and those hours that new artists spend whoring themselves out on Facebook pages, he spent practicing guitar. That's why he deleted his Twitter account; it was a distraction from his art.

The highlight for me is 'Something Like Olivia' -- a wonderful track about finding the perfect woman who's exactly what you need; but she's caught up in another relationship.

"There's only one man in this world
Who gets to sleep with her by his side.
I'm thinking something like Olivia
Could keep me through the night."

And 'Speak For Me' is another great track. I don't know what it means yet, I'm still figuring it out. Same goes for 'Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967', which may be great, I'm not sure; it's too early to tell.

This guy's voice is incredible. The legend is that Mayer's a complete asshole. The music suggests the exact opposite. My opinion? He's both. Just like all of us.

PS: As I was writing this, I played the album again -- and feel my 'Half of it is mediocrity' comment may be a tad harsh. This record is a grower! 

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  1. I always wonder why people rush to post a review when they have no understanding of what songs are about because they have listened once.. you can't review anything that quickly.

    1. You have a point. I did imply that with my 'PS' where I said it's a grower! Thing is, with my favourite artists, I can't help but listening to it heaps and then want to share my thoughts!

  2. I love John Mayer. I think he's a freakin' genius. I am still addicted to his Continuum album!

  3. I like Jhon Mayer. Thanks for sharing this information here with us in such depth.

  4. Walt Grace made me cry! My favorite song on the album.