Friday 18 March 2011

the days got busy

The only chance I'm getting to blog at the moment is late at night when I should be sleeping, but of course I'm not sleeping, because I don't really do that.

Last night I did a Skype audio interview with a college class in Milwaukee, about my blog. They wanted to know what makes a successful blog? What inspires you? All those kinds of questions. They sounded like a great and enthusiastic class-- and I felt bad because I was beyond exhausted and my answers veered off into a world of rambling and nonsense that I fear would have made them hang up if they weren't enchanted by the English accent.

So I finished the call and didn't go to sleep because my mind was still running around.

I got up at 6am to go and film an audition tape for an actress I know who's up for a great part. The casting director needed the tape by 2.30pm without fail. So we were gonna shoot it in the 'normal' morning time which is 9am for normal people but 11am for actors and directors. But we decided to start at 8am because that's the type of people we are. I left home at 6.30 and when I got to Liverpool Street station I walked to her place in the morning sun except that it was grey and miserable, but at least I got there on time or at least would have done if I had planned properly.

I got lost. London is confusing. Especially when you're on foot at 7.30am without caffeine.

We filmed the scenes and she was awesome. Totally rocked it. She is more of a theatre girl and was worried about her screen acting but she nailed it. I got some credit for helping her be natural, but it's bullshit; it was all her. She'll get the role, she has to.

She had a housemate, another actress. And it was like fate. I'm not talking about love. But casting-fate. I'm casting my movie and she could be right. So I did an impromptu screentest. She was awesome.

And I got done and gone by 4.03pm where I went to the Cineworld in Shaftsbury Avenue to see about forty minutes of "No Strings Attached" and I loved it! It had some truth, it had some laughs; and people criticise Kutcher, but he has heart. And Portman I want to marry. And she can act good.

And I left the cinema somewhere around 4.52pm and headed to the cafe near Covent Garden to meet with an actress friend and before you get the impression I just go around meeting up with actresses you should know that isn't true except for on weekdays. And I'm joking of course; but the actress in the coffee place somewhere in Covent Garden just has that air of authenticity about her. Like you just knows she's about the truth. I go after that because so few actors have truth and honesty, they're too busy trying to be successful. And unless you're a well-tanned self-help junk 'coach' from California, then your job isn't to be successful it's just to be yourself, which I'd actually harder.

And I headed home and responded to a ton of emails and watched the end of 'The Town' which is an amazing film, and then I edited four videos that I needed to complete for a project. And tomorrow I'm up at 7, and in the early afternoon I have to be on camera for something somewhere in London.

And it's hard for me and my film's producer to see eye to eye. It always is. Because money and art never agree, there's always disagreements and defensiveness and confusion and righteousness--- on both sides.

And everything is busy and I'm not sleeping. But today was the good kind of busy--- interesting work and wonderful actresses. But most days you're up crazy early and it's a slog.

And the interviews say "What inspired you?" and "what do you love about...." but most of the time you're part of the long and stressful slog, and thats what most of it is.

But it's all great. It's a blast. But nobody earns anything really and everyone is learning how to get back to being who they are. And the actresses today were great examples of that. They used to chase opportunities and be hopeful. But now they're experienced and they just focus on being themselves and doing their own thing.

And it creeps towards 1am and I'm up at 7. I've averaged three hours a night this week.

Care to share?


  1. Hope you get enough sleep Kid. Loved The Town, and Gone Baby Gone too for that matter. Who knew Affleck would turn out to be such a solid director.

  2. Hi Kid! Greetings from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee. I was one of the students in the class you visited by Skype last night. Trust me, you were a big hit! You did not ramble or veer and we loved hearing about your blogging life and your work in film.

    I think you've taken on a few new American fans who will be reading your blog regularly. Thanks for talking to us and please, get some sleep!

  3. I agree The Town was very well made and not associated with any negative brand labels, stereotypes, hollywood actor 'A list' hype.

    It stood up strong ! on its pure merit Affleck shows more talents then just acting.

    + Sleep, a good rest, a break is very important clarity in decision making.

  4. 3h a night! my friend you need a bit more than that, you're gonna burn out!

  5. I'm an actress and a casting assistant, and I think you hit on something really difficult and contradictory about "the biz"...
    "I go after that because so few actors have truth and honesty, they're too busy trying to be successful."
    If you're focusing your energy on getting the agent(which seems to be the holy grail for many new actors) how do you retain a sense of self and authenticity.
    Not that it's impossible to be both successful and truthful, but the anxiety associated with acceptance seems to overwhelm the authenticity of the performance (I've experience this phenomenon from both ends).

    What do you advise?



  6. Hey Julia, I'll try address this in a blog post in coming days!