Tuesday 15 March 2011


Joe Fox
Tweaking? A project that needs "tweaking"?

Kathleen Kelly

Joe Fox

Kathleen Kelly
-i-n-g. That's what he said.

Joe Fox 
I think he's married. Married, three kids.

It's tell me what to write week. TB asked "Have you ever been married or been close to marriage?"

And the answer is no and no. 

I never planned it to be that way. But there it is. I always thought, by now, I'd have all that stuff figured out -- but I really don't. It's weird because, when you write a blog post, everyone 'gets' you. In relationships, it's never that easy. 

And I'm no good at all the nonsense, the drama. I like forward motion. I need to fly to New York on a whim so I can write a screenplay, I need to disappear on my own for five days when I'm a grumpy idiot. I'm an awkward-writer-fool who always reads too much into the women that don't like me and too little into those that do.

And I never get it right.

And starting things is hard. Too much drama and confusion. I just want a woman who'll happily watch 'The Apartment' and then we both go off and get on with our dreams. But there aren't too many women like that.

And everything I'm writing is about my needs. You can see how I'm selfish.

Care to share?


  1. Thanks for answering one of my questions!

    You know, sometimes I think that I'd be better off career-wise (well, I know I would be) if I hadn't married so early in life. Other times, I think it was nice to have that big life event/decision out of the way early in life so that I could get on with it.

    From the way you describe your life, it sounds like it would be tough for you to accommodate another person anyway, so it's good that you haven't made that leap. When and if that person comes along who is a good fit, you'll know it--and if you really want to have that, you won't miss the opportunity. As soon as you meet "the one", you'll start to think about her wants and needs, so don't worry about being selfish now.

    The fact that you like romantic comedies fares well for you. :)

  2. Ha. I like you. But I have no interest in watching THE APARTMENT, so I guess we're doomed. ;)

    To be single is to be happy (and lonely) forever.

    I'd rather be happy and lonely, than miserable and married.

    You're still the wisest blogger I know...

  3. I can't count how many times I've watched The Apartment but it's over 20, and it still glows, just like Some Like It Hot or The Red Shoes. There aren't many people who want to do a film marathon like that, and if you find one, who says they have to be your lifelong partner? I disagree that single means lonely - sure, it sometimes means lonely, just as it sometimes also means being wonderfully alone. Just a different state of being. I'm happy to be, for now. I hope you all are too.