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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"MY DREAMS" Review

For many nights, over much of my life, I have watched numerous dreams, of my own, mostly whilst sleeping. I am growing increasingly unhappy with the quality of my dreams, and much prefer the earlier, funnier ones. It is also troubling to me that my dreams are becoming increasingly unrealistic, with some terrible acting. The dream about the banjo playing dancer, starring my best friend Doug --- whilst interesting at first, lost all credibility when Doug's feet stopped moving and he ended up shouting "I have no elbows!" at Natalie Portman repeatedly. What was Natalie Portman even doing in this dream? After her recent movies, I'm surprised she would star in something so unprofessional.

Care to share?


  1. My sister's dreams have always been in black and white, and have always had credits roll at the end. Ever since she was a kid.

  2. TB if that is true, amazing !!

  3. Dreams usually mean something, i have dreams that i can control but often forget but know that they would make a great book, so many ideas flow through you in dreams i wish they mad a machine that would turn them into movies.

  4. Ha! Sounds like my dreams. The older you get, the more pervasive those less funny dreams are. Sometimes there's just too much weight on the old shoulders.