Monday 25 January 2010

Stephen King's Wisdom On Writing.

I want to quote two things Stephen King wrote in his book, 'On Writing' - because they are both things I really feel and believe, and I think they're quite important.

"I have spent a good many years since - too many, I think - being ashamed about what I write. I think I was forty before I realized that almost every other writer of fiction and poetry who has ever published a line has been accused by someone of wasting his or her God-given talent. If you write (or paint or dance or sculpt or sing, I suppose), someone will try to make you feel lousy about it, that's all."

And this one really moved me because it is so powerful, true and important.

"Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you
makes a lot of difference. They don't have to make speeches.
Just believing is usually enough."

Care to share?


  1. "On Writing" was one of the best books I've ever read on being a writer. It was so interesting. It's been a few years since I read it. I should go back and do it again.

  2. Wow. I'm definitely going to read that book. Great quotes.

  3. Brilliant book. Read it in a couple of days after I got it for my birthday. Highly recommended!

  4. I agree with the above, like King or not that little book has more useful advice about writing than any that comes to mind.

  5. I enjoyed that book and wouldn't mind reading it again.

  6. "On Writing" is fantastic. My favorite part was how he ended up moving his writing desk away from the center of his study room - essentially making it less of a priority than his family. I loved that because you don't get a lot of artists who speak in defense of having the people they love as their center. In fact, I know more than a few writers who scoff at social outings because they want to write instead - but Stephen King finds a good balance between the two.