Thursday 21 January 2010

just give me one thing that i can hold on to.

There's something great about two people connecting on screen. It can be at it's most powerful when it's done without words - or sometimes even more so when it's done through music, in some way.

This moment in 'Into The Wild' is my favourite part of the film, if not any film. Chris McCandless has been on his journey into the wild, full of these ideas and ideals of his place in the world-- and then he meets this girl. And he's passing through, and she's falling for him.. and as it turns out, they're not meant to be together. But for this one minute, as they sing this song -- they have more of a connection than most of us have in a lifetime. And it's moment like this that really leave me in awe at the true power of the cinema.

"Just give me one thing, that I can hold on to
To believe in this living is just a hard way to go"
-Written By John Prine

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  1. Beautiful scene and nice idea in your post.

    The connection between people can be non-romantic as well. I was stunned yesterday when I saw how perfectly Amy Adams related to Emily Blunt as her older sister in "Sunshine Cleaning." Their sibling connection was beautifully portrayed.

  2. This is a great scene - she's so young, and he knows it, and she knows it, and he does the right thing. Fantastic.

    I love seeing such connections on film that you know cannot be made up - Meryl Streep with just about every single one of her co-stars comes to mind. It's pure magic when you see it, too - like someone showed you a page of their diary. It's the moments we live for when we sit in the dark and watch films.