Sunday 31 January 2010

They Are To Blame For Everything That's Wrong With The Film Industry.

Apparently they did it. They won't see people who don't have an agent, they don't read unsolicited scripts, they prefer men to women, they won't fund this type of project and they are treating us badly. One thing is for sure, we are not to blame and it is definitely them - but who they are, I don't know.

Apparently they don't cast black actors. I cast black actors, so maybe I'm not them. But I've never cast a Mexican, so maybe I am the they that is keeping Mexicans out of the industry. I met a casting director who is usually only interested in actors with certain agents, but she's used a few people who don't have an agent at all. So is she one of them, I mean - the they, or is she not those? It's hard to tell. But either way, she's probably an exception to the rule, and they are all still against us.

See, that's the thing - THEY are stopping us succeeding in the industry. They are all huddled in a room - the privileged people of success room. I think it's upstairs on the 4th floor. They all huddle up there and conspire against independent films and original screenplays and new actors. They really hate us.

This theory is, of course, completely insane - but most people in the industry swear by it.

They don't fund projects without explosions.
They won't even look at me.
They don't understand my work.
They never pay people.
They probably won't like my acting.

Who are they? Why are they so against everybody?

Nobody ever identifies themselves as 'THEY.' It's always other people. It's always someone more successful who is oppressing us in some way. It's a bit similar to other industries.

They never let me go on break.
They don't even notice me.
I moved all those boxes but did they care? NO!.

I have met people on every level in the film industry -- and I've still never met one of they. Sure, there are some idiots in the industry; but even they are just trying to do their jobs.

Casting Directors are trying to find the right actors for their projects. Producers are looking to put good films together. Agents want great writers/actors/etc.

Next time you find yourself blaming them or they or those, just have a think about it -- because it's probably wasted energy, they don't exist. I call it Gatekeeper Syndrome. It's the imaginary gatekeepers that we feel stand between us and the big guys. They exist only in our minds.

Care to share?


  1. it's the THEY mentallity that enables US to blame others for things we might actually have to take some responsibilitiy in..

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. i think i'm gonna read that book you told me about. 31 songs. sounds really good! thank you!

  3. Found my way back here again after a very long time. LOL.

    I think that in every form of art, there will always be a "they" group that will try to monopolize, that will try to form an elitist standard of what passes for art and what does not.

  4. I wish I could be 'they', because they have money.

    Seriously, this was one of the many reasons why I focused my attention to on-line content. More control on my part.

  5. I agree with you.

    "They" are you and me and everybody in the movie industry. We are part of it. And responsible for whatever we can affect.

    It's like blaming the status of society on Them, Capitalism, Communism, what ever, like it was some form of organic creature. Michael Moore is doing exactly that in his latest, hand he is a fairly reasonable grownup who should know better. We are all part of the society we live in and affect it.

    I'm responsible for the scripts I'm writing. If I don't include black characters, Mexican characters and female characters we can't expect to find them in the final movie. If I put them all in stereotypic roles they will likely have stereotypic roles in the final movie too.

    Now, I'm not saying the screenwriter is God or something. There are more people involved in making a movie and affect the result. I'm just saying we are all responsible.

  6. ahhh! im so guilty of this. i say "they" all the time and i feel silly saying it sometimes. i know i should focus on identifying the people i refer to.

    i'll try now.

  7. Clicked through to this from a recent post. I adore you. This is great. :)