Tuesday 19 January 2010

Are Dreams Like Movies?

My dreams are a lot like movies. Badly written and often with terrible endings. Frustratingly, I am cast in most of them but have yet to receive a paycheck. I often feel like one of those over-worked silent film stars, made to shoot three films a day with actors who are vastly inferior to me.

One of the disappointing things in recent years has been how my imagination has often done remakes of old favourites. One of my best dreams was from 1999, the one where I fly to the shops to kiss Meg Ryan but get stuck in one place, unable to finish the journey. Annoyingly, it was remade in 2008, with me in the lead role again but this time with Hilary Clinton as the woman. This was bad enough, but two nights later I had the same dream again but Hilary was replaced by Albert Frickley, my local priest.

I feel as if maybe the funding for script development was cut in recent years, as my recent dreams have not been up to the standard of the previous classics. For example, last night I dreamt I was just waiting in line for ice cream. It lasted two hours. When I finally got to the front of the line, an elephant asked me why I dress like a cowboy. I told him I don't so he stole my money and made me wear a dress. I felt this was vastly unrealistic but I feel my complaints were not received well as the next night, as if by punishment, I had a dream that lasted for three hours. And it was a musical. And it was in Russian with no subtitles. This wouldn't have been so bad if they had not been out of popcorn.

My dreams are often stressful as, even though I broke up with Kate Nosefall two years ago, she still turns up in my dreams almost nightly. The plus side you may say is that at least these dreams are X-rated; but unfortunately I have no joy in watching my ex-girlfriend in bed with my local Priest.

Are your dreams like movies?

Care to share?


  1. I have movie dreams pretty much every night. Unfortunately, they're always chase scenes. It's usually me, with some other movie characters, or real life people, being chased by movie bad guys. Sometimes, it's so intense when I wake up, I feel like I've been running a marathon! (why can't I ever get a car in my dreams??? Why must they always be foot chases? lol)

  2. Yes! What a great topic to discuss. I'm always dreaming about scenes that I could shoot. I almost do it consciously in a way where I will replay a various scene until it feels good enough. For example, there will be a scene between a guy and a girl in a restaurant, and I will keep changing up the dialogue until I like it. This may sound weird, but it's the truth :)

  3. Most of my dreams are like movies, with a plot and a dramatic ending. Most frequently, I'm not in them and seem to be watching as an audience member. Is that strange?

  4. I guess some of mine are like movies. Sucky movies where the director forgets to yell cut on a scene and move to the next.

    Usually it seems like I'm taking an excessive amount of time to do the smallest task and I get frustrated. It's like I'm subconsciously attempting to will my dream to speed up and when I push too hard I wake up prematurely. Weird.

    This was hilarious, btw.

  5. You have the most interesting things to say.

    Sometimes my dreams are like movies. Action, adventure, sad. In a lot of them I am running from the bad guys and they want to shoot me, but when they do I'm invincible! Another I get trapped under water but I find I can breathe like the little mermaid! Another one I am on ice skates like in Serendipity and I glide across the ice like I'm a pro and it's lovely.

    Other times I have odd dreams about dogs balancing on beach balls talking to me while wonder where my next class is and why, if a dog can balance on a beach ball, he can't tell me where to go to class? It's just rude of him.

    My condolences on having to kiss Hilary Clinton.

  6. Sadly, most of my dreams are horror films. Always the same plot-line, too - there's blood and gore and most of the animals or people I find I am too late to save. But there's always one last kitten or woman or little boy that I know I have to rescue, even though I've failed in saving everyone else, and I always have to save them from a man I knew from real life, a violent and mercurial man who liked to hurt everything he touched.

    I always wake up as the last person/animal I was trying to save is killed, to the feeling of complete and utter failure and desolation.

    Cheerful, no?

  7. my dreams alllllllways seem like movies. the unrealistic and the realistic. sometimes they're just bizarre. but movies can be bizarre too. like across the universe, or speak, or the labyrynth. anywho, now i'm just rambling :) thanks for following!

  8. Yes my dreams are most definitely film-like. There is a recurrent one, 007ish where I am being hunted down by East European spies but I always get away...just. There is another one where I am in a medieval forest, in a sunlight glade, it is like Camelot. Nothing ever happens in this dream and I wake up peacefully happy.