Friday 15 January 2010

Reclaiming Life.

I'm gonna slow down on the posting front for a bit. My thirteen year old cousin recently said to me, having seen my DVD's, posters, and lifestyle -- he said, "you're just one big film really, aren't you." That says it all really.

The good thing about being a Director is that, when you complete a film, you have the opportunity to let it do your work for you for a few months. As your film gets accepted at a few festivals - exhibited in various places, and you push it around online, too - things tick over, you appear productive. This, if you're wise, is an opportunity to experience some other things in this wonderful opportunity known as life. If you're dumb, like me, you get straight back to writing and planning your next shoot.

I'm returning to the living, for a while. But I'll be around.

Meanwhile, I'd love to have some guest bloggers - particularly if they have some fun stories about being a Kid In The Front Row, something about the innocent joy of the cinema. So if you write anything, please email me.

Care to share?


  1. That is fantastic, Kid! It's a really great time to go out and really enjoy life right now. 2010 holds a lot of promise and I'm glad to see you taking the time to enjoy yourself. Let your work work for you and go have some fun! If we think of any great movie blog ideas, we'll write you. Have a great time!


  2. Good luck and we will be waiting to hear from you again.
    A kid in the back row :)

  3. I'll miss you around the place, Kid but enjoy!

  4. Hope you're enjoying life in the real's the more important side of things ain't it?

    To guest blog for you, would you like something altogether original, or something that could be cross posted? I ask because I'd really like to contribute to your kick-ass soapbox.