Tuesday 22 May 2012

The Random Screenplay

I'm going to write a short screenplay, just for you guys, based on your suggestions!

Please suggest;

A character name: 
A location: 
A conflict: 
An object: 
A long, hard to pronounce word: 

And at some point tonight, or tomorrow morning, I will close comments; and write a little screenplay based on your ideas, and then share it on the blog!

Care to share?


  1. Maya
    an abandoned amusement park
    she gets in a fight with her best friend as they're exploring
    a custodian's key ring
    Yreka Zzyzx

  2. Chris P. Duck
    The long flat moving walkway that takes you between gates at an airport.

    Chris has dropped his passport on to the walkway travelling in the opposite direction.

    The passport (and boarding pass).

    "Acesulfame K" (it's in the ingredients list on the drink I am currently enjoying).

  3. Zed.
    Nature reserve as storm clouds threaten.
    Zed sees something unusual he can't quite make out in the lake.
    A mobile phone with low battery power.
    Paraprosdokians - saw it for the first time here: http://liquidmindsoul.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/paraprosdokians.html

  4. Claude
    A photobooth at a subway station
    Claude keeps on taking pictures although there is a long queue outside the booth.
    A bleach bottle.