You will find no shortage of people telling you how to write a screenplay. Truth is, I don't really know. I mean, we're all different, and we all have different ways of accessing our creativity. If anything, my 'advice' articles are really just be being supporting, encouraging people to be themselves (or at least someone of a similar shoe size). Anyways, a while back I put together a collection of my writings on screenwriting, and you can read them HERE.

For my 500th Post on Kid In The Front Row I was lacking inspiration (don't tell anyone, especially as this is a page dedicated to inspiration), so I put together a collection of articles that I've written which are, for the most part, about being encouraging and supporting creativity. I hope you find them helpful, and if not, then perhaps they can be a nice distraction from what you really wish you were doing. Check them out HERE.

"Too many people are busy. Busy running around meeting for 'coffee' and discussing projects, and quoting lines from George Bernard Shaw, instead of doing the work, creating the work, being the work, finding the work. By work I mean work, and I mean studying, and I mean chasing, and I mean living. You are too talented to be sitting on Facebook."

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