Monday 14 May 2012


So Charlotte dragged me to see a band called 'Fun.' at a place called XOYO, which is a stones throw from Old Street Station (although slightly more than a stone throw when you're us, because we got lost as we always do, so maybe more like a short plane ride away). I checked the band out on Spotify yesterday and tried to memorise all their songs -- but with only 20 mins to listen, it proved difficult. But the music was cool, and Charlotte's company isn't so bad.

But then we got to the gig. And immediately we were faced with the 'where to stand' argument. You see, she's mega small and I'm mega tall. So she wanted to find some very specific spot (where midgets and eleven year olds stand), whereas I wanted to stand somewhere middle centre, a few rows back. She also failed to grasp my Tall Man Guilt, whereby I feel bad for all the tinies standing behind me with blocked views.

She also said she disliked being called 'Charlotte' on my blog and wanted a different name. I told her Charlotte is a fantastic name and if she kept moaning I would change it to Ethel Mulberry Flathurst Jr. 

The support act were great. The singer's name was Yadi and her voice soared! I've just listened to her online since being home -- and I'm not as impressed -- but catch her live, her voice is something to witness!

Before the headliner, Fun., came on stage, I decided to work my magic get-us-to-the-front-row routine. By the way, the band's name has an unfortunate full stop after it, which is why my review seems grammatically retarded, but that's just how it is. Fun.

So anyway, I magically glided us towards the front row, and Ethel Mulberry Flathurst Jr was delighted.

The band came on stage and the energy was palpable. That's why great live music rules over movies, they make the immediate moment more important than anything. Fun. were captivating, and they can PLAY!

And we were right next to the keyboardist/trumpeter.

And these guys are one of Ethel's favourite bands and I can see why, because they capture a slice of life in their very own way and absolutely own it. It's refreshing. I'll have to go back to the records and see if they live up to it, but on stage in front of an intimate audience, they were in complete control. They played tightly, but seemed absolutely free. I didn't know any of the songs, but still loved it. And Ethel had this big crazy beautiful smile going on for the whole gig, which I kept noticing, it was impossible not to -- which I think creeped her out and made her wish she'd invited her friend Barry instead.

Fun. are great, but do they have to punctuate the end of their band name like that? Overall one of those great London nights, and then I realised it was 11.52pm and I was in desperate need of some food. I assume Ethel is at home, crying over how pathetic her name is.

Care to share?


  1. Charlotte is a beautiful name! When I was a kid I wished like crazy that my parents had named me Charlotte.

    Not so much a fan of 'Ethel Mulberry Flathurst Jr,' though. :-)

  2. You should watch Katzenjammer, they're playing XOYO on the 23 rd and are very good.

  3. Was your friend blonde with short hair and big glasses? Because I saw a girl like that with massive smile standing where your photos were taken :)

    I was the guy with the flag Nate wore btw

    1. That's not her, BUT, I think I know exactly who you are! Did you have lightish hair, possibly blondish -- reasonably tall but not massively tall (although taller than most around you) -- standing about three rows back, middle-right? I think that was you!

  4. white beatles t shirt and waving the flag, yes :D