Thursday 17 May 2012


"There were so many low points, I can't even count them. You just have to perservere. I think work begets work. So even commercials, and small movies and NYU films, all that stuff--- I did all of it. That's how I became more comfortable. I never would have had some really quick overnight success 'cause I was too nervous, and not good enough."

-Amanda Peet

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  1. When I looked at Amanda's filmography I was surprised to realise that outside of our mutual favourite One Fine Day, I've only ever seen her in one other film, and that was She's the One.

    I thought her character Celia was one of the reasons One Fine Day was such a blast, and she certainly brought out the best in Michelle Pfeiffer in their characters brief encounters. Michelle's expressions in reaction to Amanda, during their split screen telephone conversation scene were particularly memorable.