Sunday 13 May 2012

Feedback: Email from a reader.

Hi there Kid,

I think I've already thanked you a couple of times in the comments under your inspirational posts. However, I've got an urge to send you a personal email of appreciation.

I had bookmarked your Erupt with Enthusiasm and Drive post, when you published it. I was going to read it later. And now when I was looking through my Favorites, I stumbled upon and finally read it. You totally understand those people who still haven't broken free from their insecurity, idleness, fear of commitment to what they love to do etc. We all have different situations but you know how to encourage us all. I guess it does work so, because reading the post, it felt that you were talking right to me. I can relate to heaps of things that you describe.

This email doesn't have another aim but to thank you. You already know it, but I want to stress on it again. You do a very good thing. maintaing the blog and Twitter account.



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  1. That was a great post Kid, I have used a lot of your advice from that post and others when things get tough, which is quite frequently. Keep going, write bad pages if it at least gets you writing, make the time to create rather then making excuses or blaming other things going on around you. As Lesya says, you do a very good job maintaining the blog, there are a lot of us who really appreciate it.