Friday 24 February 2012

Crazy Stars

I crave the rest, and the good times, because I hardly allow them at all. I'm too busy chasing the dream.

But how much of a dream is it if you're stuck in the editing room at 3am going crazy because an actor moved their eyebrow in a weird way?

You have to be stuck in the editing room at 3am, because working when everyone else has given up for the night is how you get things done.

But you can't do anything if you're exhausted. It's romantic to think of genius coming at 5am, but you need the sleep.

And come the day, you need to see your friends and you need to make new ones. And you need to make your wife happy or have an awkward conversation with someone you like (if you're single).

If you write, you have to live something. Me and my friend Jessica were talking the other night, tired of always meeting up in bars and coffee houses, because everything is planned as if it's a Facebook event. We realised we should be climbing things, and getting high, and staring up at the crazy stars in the black sky while wondering what the hell everything is about.

Because that's how writing gets good and how acting gets real -- when you focus on the inbetweens. It's not the party you remember, it's getting lost on the way there, or getting arrested on the way home.

You need that energy in your life. You need to get out of Starbucks and see the world.

Care to share?

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