Wednesday 25 January 2012

Kid In The Front Row Disaster Filmmaking Competition, WINNER!!!

A reminder of the competition:

The world is about to end. A poisonous gas has descended over the planet, and everyone is about to die. With this knowledge and realisation, you pick up your video-phone, and capture the final two minutes of your life, and in fact, the last moments of humankind on the planet. 

All films must be NO LONGER than TWO MINUTES.

All films must take place in ONE SINGLE SHOT ONLY. NO CUTTING. NO EDITING. 

The WINNER in the Kid In The Front Row Disaster Filmmaking Competition is "LUCKY" by Chloe Thorpe.

The guest judge, actor PETER JAMES SMITH (The West Wing) chose Chloe's film because, against the competition he said he "felt more from it." I agreed. What made this film compelling was not that she had cancer -- but the concept that the actor/director built around it -- that she now feels equal again to those around her, because everyone is dying, not just her. It was a touching concept, which worked due to her subtle performance.

Care to share?


  1. Beautifully crafted poignant reminder Chloe :)

    在死亡的面前 (in the face of death)
    我们都是平等的 (we are all equal)
    一样渺小、一样无助 (equally small, equally helpless)

    但在生命的面前 (yet with the gift of life)
    我们也一样的平等 (we are also equal)
    有着无限的可能 (equally filled with potentials)

  2. Wow. Great concept--very touching. Terrific job, Chloe!

  3. Oh my God. That was powerful. I teared up.

  4. Ha! The girlfriend stuff was great. Nice mask, too. Added a sense of realism, urgency.

  5. Incredible and very powerful. A deserving winner.

  6. That was good, I understand why it won. I got a little choked up; even though I knew what was going on, it still hit me. nicely done.

  7. Loved this. Chloe should be on the big-screen all the time!!