Thursday 19 January 2012

All In A Day's Work

Yesterday I preached about being on time. Today I was late.

We got on the train. Everything was going well, until a woman came over and asked if it goes to the airport.

We said yes.

And then some passenger said no.

And we said what?

And he said no.

Turns out it didn't go to the airport and it didn't go to our film location but it did go to the seaside.

We didn't believe the passenger and stayed on for an extra stop and then realised we should start believing the passenger. The woman looking for the airport told us she had an interview for an airline as a plane designer, which frankly we didn't care that much about but she seemed to be in what us Brits affectionately refer to as 'a pickle'.

So, me, the production assistant and the airplane designer got off the wrong train and went to look for the right one.

I made a joke about how she should've designed a train instead of a plane, but she didn't laugh. It's understandable, as she was late for the biggest interview of her life.

And then I asked her why she didn't fly to the interview.

The production assistant gave me the 'why are you such an idiot' look and then we left the airplane woman alone and went in search of the right train and I'm pretty sure at some point we arrived on location.

Care to share?

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