Friday 13 January 2012

Band Of Brothers. Michael Kamen. My Grandfather.

He says it's nothing like the real thing, he dismissed it. Same with Private Ryan. But It's as near as I'll ever get to the real thing cause I'm just a lucky Kid who can sit around making lists of Top 5 War films. But he really lived it, and lost people.

'Band Of Brothers' was a profound show for me. It captured everything I love about my Grandfather and his generation. I mean, they stood up. They did something. It's immeasurable.

So I'm listening to 'Band Of Brothers Requiem' (composed by Michael Kamen) on repeat and it hits me on a level hardly anything ever hits me. The world is so different now. We're so lucky in Europe, and America, but how often do we really appreciate why?

Care to share?


  1. I feel like, in the U.S., people have forgotten about WWII and the implications of it. Since it didn't happen in our backyards, it's not something that's burned into our subconscious as it may be for you over in Europe. It makes me sad, because that war, more than any other, was fought and won for the most valiant cause; the bad guys and the good guys were very clearly defined.

    It's unimaginable that so many died in concentration camps for absolutely no reason at all. It's even more unimaginable that many kids today don't even know that it happened. Sad.

  2. I watched and really loved Band of Brothers. Then I watched Generation Kill and although it was still a really good production I just couldn't quite feel the same about it. At first I couldn't figure out why, and then I realise that it was just because it's such a different time, and such a different war.

  3. I walked from Tower Hill to well past Westminster and back again today in the winter sunshine and passed several memorials to World War I and II. One in particular stood out not just because it was in 3D. A very young boy was slapping it repeatedly while his Dad tried to control his even younger sister. I saw a surname on the memorial near to where he was hitting it and that I always look out for and I thought how lucky the boy was not to understand what was in front of him and what it represented.

  4. It's great when you find these things in London -- so much history all around. Have you been to the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth btw?

    1. Agreed, yes I've been to the Imperial War Museum quite a few times. It's a fascinating place.