Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Future: Truly Independent Art

"Aided by the support of blogs and the relative ease of modern recording, bands are making great records, touring, and - most importantly - surviving... all without major label contracts."
-Adam Duritz

The future is here. You can distribute your film online. You can get an audience for your band on YouTube. You can record your stand up comedy set on your iPhone. 

Counting Crows left the labels behind and went totally independent. Who'd have predicted that ten years ago? Louis C.K. cut out the TV networks and sold his comedy show for $5 online. Ten years ago, who'd have imagined that a leading comic would ditch the networks and make the product CHEAPER?

There's no need to chase everyone, the world is too big, and we all get our information from different places now. Find your home. Find your fans. Make your friends. 

Counting Crows and Louis C.K. are leaders in their fields, and the big corporations helped them get there. But they've seen the future, and so should we. Don't chase the big contract. Chase your audience, one person at a time. 

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  1. Sounds like an excellent New Year's resolution to me. Once person, one day, at a time.

    Happy New Year, Kid!

  2. Didn't Radiohead tell the record labels to suck it a few years ago and release their stuff on line? I am pretty sure they had a pay what you want model for In Rainbows back in 2007.
    Enjoyed checking out your blog

  3. Happy New Year Jayne!

    Threeguys: Yeah I think you're right, Radiohead were way ahead of things!