Friday 21 October 2011


How are you? What brings you here? What's going on in your life? What was an interesting conversation you had today? What is something new you've learned in the last week?

Care to share?


  1. I was reminded of how much I liked the film, Serpico. Over the years, I've seen it about five times. I very rarely see a film more than once. Something about it has stayed with me. Funny how that happens.

  2. -I've been better.

    -My blogroll, but I was hoping you had posting something new.

    -A discussion with my son over whether the man who shot his 10-year old grandson in the parking lot of a local sporting goods store did it on accident or not.

    -How to make caramel apple cookies--and how I shouldn't eat five in one sitting, because it makes me feel sick.

  3. I learned how to replace and seal the basket strainer of a kitchen sink, as well re-packing a leaky water shutoff valve with a new graphite seal.

  4. I've been lucky enough to meet a fellow blogger who I've been following for years. She's in town for a film festival (one I'm not taking in as it happens).

    It's a great little experience though - you become accustomed to what a person puts online of themselves, so in finally meeting years on you find that you get on famously.

  5. You bring me here, you always have an interesting perspective in situations, films, and who you are

    what's going on with me is I'm puzzled and upset. My current blog topic has 40 views but not a single comment. I just want to know what people think, what they like and don't like, not too much to ask

    working on an abstract painting today

    Going Flea Market shopping tomorrow for some eclectic pieces and historical finds

  6. I bought a new digital SLR. I'm headed out with my daughter tomorrow for a college road trip - it's a very scenic trip, so we are definitely bringing the camera.

  7. Pretty good thanks for asking, enjoying the sunshine. I’m here because I saw you had posted something new on my blogroll. Work is hectic but I’ve still managed to get on with my writing so all is well and I’m off to London tomorrow. I’m alone at the moment but should be having a few interesting conversations tonight at the pub. In the last week I learned how to make a jaffa cake cocktail. Would love to know your answers.

  8. Thanks for the great answers all :)

    Frog - enjoy London. Say hello if you see me ;)
    You wanted me to answer so here goes:

    How are you? --- I'm good thanks! BUT, MEGA MEGA TIRED!

    What brings you here? --- If I don't write stuff it gets a bit quiet!

    What's going on in your life? -- A variety of things; many creative, all of which are promising yet full of numerous obstacles.

    What was an interesting conversation you had today? -- Talked to a 7 year old about her creative talents and she seemed inspired by the end, exciting :)

    What is something new you've learned in the last week? -- That I really need to take better care of getting some sleep!

  9. Kid, I most certainly will say hello :) Thank you for your answers. x

  10. I've learned, that although I spend too much time on house cleaning, studying, and working-it is OK to spend time for myself. It took a long time to realize this fact. But today, I listened to BREAD. I bought myself some new running shoes and ran 2 1/2 miles. And I cooked an amazing dinner for my family. Life, is, good.