Tuesday 18 October 2011

Writing Update

Dear Diary,

I recently had trouble remembering where to place, comma's but luckily I now, remember! I have been finding it, hard to write, material, properly as I'm always so excited!! I feel like everything should have exclamation marks!! What do! you think?!

reverse in sentences Writing? Good idea or not!? Hard to, tell. I am developing my own, style!!!! He was also considering writing in the third person. What about if I write in the fourth person? That's fine but how would we all fit in the room?

I've, also! been feeling constrained by the alphabet. I developed a 27th character, but can't find the key for it. Frustrating!!!,

He will be writing! soon more,


Care to share?


  1. I don't know what inspired this but I like it.

  2. Oh, this made me laugh. Reminds me of a few friends...

  3. I'm a former exclamation point-a-holic! Once I realized I was doing it, I started editing myself, and I'm much more sparing with them now! However, I always feel like I'm being glum with no exclamation marks!

    I think I also have a comma problem!


  4. I love exclamation points as well. The thing is I usually write when My feeling are Intense!!! Oh yeah, and the weather is changing so my intensity changes. I realize I need to take a writing class very soon. My grammar and vocabulary SUCK, did I spell that right? I wish someone could edit my thoughts before I put them on paper. HA, wouldn't that be nice........Just a thought, perhaps you can have a special routine, like lighting a certain candle and putting on a certain song to motivate your thought, sort of like a routine.

  5. Did my writing inspire this? lol I feel like im looking in a mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. HAHA Love this. Especially the 27th character