Saturday 1 October 2011

Olympic Gold - A Kid In The Front Row Screenplay

Last week I wrote an article for Anomalous Material called "The Elusiveness Of Cinematic Greatness".

In the article, I quipped; "Why of all the movies does Shawshank transcend? Don’t throw phrases at me like, “It has universal themes.” So what!!? When I was eight I wrote a story about a goldfish which won the Olympics. It had universal themes. It sucked."

Here are three comments which mentioned the goldfish: 

Nick Prigge: "By the way, could you forward me a copy of the script about the goldfish that wins the Olympics? We could probably get 2.5 mil from Paramount."

NeverTooEarlyMP: "And I’m with Nick about wanting to see the goldfish movie get made."

CitizenScreen: "Enjoyed reading this! And, I think a story about a goldfish that wins the olympics would make an awesome screenplay!"

Taking this feedback to heart -- I decided to pen the screenplay for what will undoubtedly be a smash hit --- "Olympic Gold". I hope you enjoy!

I am only interested in selling this story idea to the major studios in a seven figure deal.

Care to share?


  1. Brilliant. I predict that the film's star will also be the first-ever goldfish to win an Oscar.

  2. Sounds like a masterpiece. And might i recommend Scorsese as the director for this masterpiece?

  3. Amazing! I had imagined it as an animated film, sort of an underwater olympics, with all the big fish being beaten by the small goldfish. But this is much better. Forget Planet Of The Apes, we humans can't even beat the goldfish!

  4. essential vs. non-essential clauses, THAT VS. WHICH

  5. He's already tweeted the result.....just blew snot all over my computer! Funny...

  6. "It has a blue cover." (Snort!)

    Can I play the goldfish?

  7. Somebody had better pay you big money to make this project.