Thursday 7 July 2011

Authenticity Wins Out

The News Of The World saga shows that.

For years they've been feeding us bullshit, coming up with scandals or focusing our minds on irrelevant nonsense.

But now they themselves are the scandal. And they'll be finished as a publication when the week is over. They're irrelevant as a news organisation. We all knew this of course, but now the whole country is on board.

People want something real. It may take a while, but they get there.

Everyone on the good side of the fight is coming off well in this story.

These newspapers think they are invincible. They think the families of murdered children are part of a game, they think they can abuse the trust, security and stability of them.

But now they've been caught out and as a result they're immediately extinct. And any journalists mixed up in it will never work again. New Media is honest. The internet holds you accountable.

"The internet is written in ink, Mark!"

Murdoch is irrelevant now. Our tabloids, our police officers, they've been shown up for all their disgusting wrongdoings.

Let's not get too depressed about it -- a change is happening! We have power now! The News Of The World is a dinosaur. The worst parts of this story aren't out in the public yet, it'll get worse before it gets better. But a transformation is taking place.

We need to protect what the internet is. We need to keep an eye on news organisations and we need to stay aware of what the social networks are doing with our information. We need to keep everything authentic and honest. If we can do that, then bit by bit, we can overcome so much corruption in our world.

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  1. I'm watching Rebeckah Brookes splutering her way through a Sky News clip, as I type. She claims in a years time it will all become clear "why we did this.."

    Newsflash Rebeckah, it already is.