Monday 18 July 2011

Writing: Start Now

I know what you're doing. You're waiting around for inspiration. You're sure it's going to hit soon. In fact, you kinda know what you want to write, but you're waiting for that flash of clarity.

That's how you die of old age. It's not how you write.

The brain is a fascinating and bizarre thing. Ideas and inspiration are locked up and you can't quite find the key.

It's because you're not writing.

Writing is where you explore, It's where you turn thoughts into art. When you put things on the page you'll start to see characters you never expected, and you'll be making associations and links you never planned.

And you'll write things that will amaze you. You'll look back and think "how did I come up with that?"

But it only happens if you write.

Just go for it. You won't actually die if it sucks. But if you keep sitting around just waiting for things to click into gear it's just not going to happen.

The best writers became the best writers by writing, not by waiting for the idea to click or the house to be empty or the summer to pass.

You have to write now. Let your brain know you mean business. Once you delve in, it gets easier, because your creativity is on your side.

There are writers out there writing three screenplays a year. Or 22 sitcom episodes. Or they're doing both whilst also finishing a novel and raising three kids.

And there's you, four years after it was six years since you started being a writer, and you're still waiting to be inspired.

Start writing now.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed this morning, thanks Kid!

  2. wow! you said everything right! I posted something similar to this on my blog some months ago! i think people don't wanna write coz they are afraid of criticisms!

  3. You are so right. Just write! ;)

  4. That's right. Write! It doesn't need to be on the current project. It could be a blog entry, a poem or daily musings on the weather. The important thing is to write. It is much better to invite inspiration than wait for it to come.

  5. Good advice as always. I do find I need to sit and let ideas breathe from time to time but I do try to write something everyday. I have found it strange to look back at some of the ideas I have come up with and think where did that come from?

  6. Absolutely true. Thank you once again for saying exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Coffee first.