Wednesday 20 April 2011

Twitter Disagreement

Earlier today there was a Twitter conversation between a well known film producer and a very talented screenwriter. I have kept the names anonymous for their privacy, and also because they're fictional.

Producer: Great redraft, but why did you kill the elephant on page 8?

Writer: The film is called 'Kill The Elephant'

Producer: We just got endorsement from the Foundation Of Large Animals. 20 million dollars. The elephant lives.

Writer: But page 9 to page 119 are about getting revenge for the elephant murder. What do you want me to do?

Producer: Sounds good.

Writer: What does?

Producer: Go for it. Keep it alive. Trust me. Need new draft, by lunch time. No rush.

Writer: If the elephant lives nothing makes sense anymore! How can Tasha end up with Andrew if the animal lives?

Producer: Kill Tasha. Kill Andrew. Must get elephant drinking Pepsi.

Writer: You want me to kill the main characters?? WTF. This is going to Fuck up movie!

Producer: lolz

Writer: I'm serious!

Producer: We'll save it in the edit.

Writer: I quit.

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