Saturday 9 April 2011

Sexy Sax Man - Hilarious

I love viral videos. I'm also kind of jealous, because I've never created one and probably never will. It's not how my brain works. I don't have that talent. Not that it's always about talent; sometimes it's just about humiliating someone.

But the Sexy Sax Man is absolutely hilarious. Before we talk more about it; watch it:

Did you laugh? I hope so. 

I always find repetition funny. Often a bad joke gets amusing merely by the fact it gets repeated. A topless guy playing "Careless Whisper" to unsuspecting Walmart customers is hilarious to begin with -- and it just gets funnier and funnier. 

A good viral video teaches us a lot about ourselves. Watching this, you can't help but notice how insane and power hungry the security staff get, but why? It's just a very funny guy and his filmmaker friend doing something fun--- and I am certain that, for the people who witnessed it, it's something they'll remember forever. 

The Sexy Sax Man teaches us so much about our society. The security staff aren't just security staff in a shopping mall--- they're the government who have all your details, they're the managers at your work who flip out if your cigarette break lasts two minutes two long, they're the airport security staff who waste your time for fifty minutes looking for bombs in your underwear. 

That's why this video is so funny. Because it's a big fuck you to the man. The Sexy Sax Man is above the law. He's being creative and hilarious in a way we rarely are in our well-planned, carefully constructed lives. He shows a side of us we crave for. He's liberated. And for the five minutes we're watching, we're liberated too.

Care to share?


  1. You couldn't just say "here's a funny video, check it out"? A joke gets less funny the more you try to explain it.

  2. That's what I did, i said to watch it first.

    And anyway, just sharing clips is not what i do here. I'm interested in everything else, too.

  3. I personally liked how the kid thought beyond that. Not sure I would bother reading this blog if he just posted you tube videos saying "here's a film, check it out" ...

  4. I watched this last week, properly funny. The lecture had me laughing the most!

  5. Ahhhhh Booo to the Unwashed Mass. SCREW IT! Kid in the front Row no worries.

    The main point is IT'S YOUR BLOG! You can do whatever the fuck you want! HAHAHHAHA!

    I LOVED LOVED did I say LOVED this? :)

    (oh and to theunwashedmass it's my comment so I can do what IIIII want! HA! Come on man! Take a joke. That's what all this is about!)


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