Monday 4 October 2010

Wanna Go Down To Rick's Tonight?

Fancy going down to Rick's tonight?

We'll find a table, get a drink, and listen to the guy on the piano. This is unlike any place you've been to before. There's a man called Sam who'll play exactly what you want to hear. He'll make you dance, make you sing, make you cry. No-one plays them like he does.

I should warn you; there's going to be some gambling out back, and there's going to be some Nazi's milling about -- but somehow, it always feels welcome. When you've visited Rick's once, nowhere else really compares.

The great thing about this place is that you might be sitting there, thinking it's just some unimportant gin joint-- but before you know it, the most beautiful woman in the world walks in and your whole life changes in an instant.

You always thought, if you saw her again-- you'd be prepared. But when the love of your life walks in unexpectedly, and she always will if you're at Rick's, then be prepared to find things out about yourself.

The reason I love this place; is because everyone cares. Everyone knows who you are and even Sam knows your favorite song. He might be reluctant, but if you need it. He'll play it.

Ever loved a song so much that it caused you pain? Ever wanted to hear a song again even though, deep down, you knew that you'd never recover properly after hearing it? Maybe if you stick around at Rick's for long enough, he'll let you stay after closing-- and maybe Sam will do what he really shouldn't do - and play it, in that way that only Sam can.

I know you're not sure whether you should go there or not. Someone might be there who could break your heart all over again. Or maybe she'll love you too.

Take a chance. Let's go out tonight. Let's go to Rick's. Who's coming with me?

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  1. of all the gin joints in all the world, you had to get reservations at Rick's

  2. i kind of really love how you wrote this!

  3. is this casablanca? i was looking at movie posters for it today, while looking at other cool posters. and i decided i really want to watch it!