Friday 1 October 2010

Advice For Starting Your Screenplay

Starting your screenplay is difficult. There are so many reasons not to. You need to check Facebook, you need to convince yourself you have a lung disease on WEB M.D, you need to eat a sandwich, you need to think about the sandwich you've eaten, you need to make phone calls.

Beginning the process of writing is hard, it really is. And there are many tools and tricks you can try, in the hope they'll spur you into action. But for me, there is only one way of really starting. And you can use this phrase as a mantra. I promise you, if you use it, it will work every time.


Care to share?


  1. I would even go so far as to omit "shut up", as I tend to talk to myself when I write. Acting things out, sounding out dialogue and stuff. I'm not mental. For serious.

  2. Yeah, inner dialogue whilst in the zone is one thing -- but unconsciously yapping nonsense is another, which brings down many a writer!

  3. I like that: clear, concise, to the point. There is so much bla bla bla bla bla out there.....well-intentioned. Ut nevertheless bla. I reckon many, me guilty of that as well, spend more time looking through random advice than actually writing themselves.

    Good one.

  4. Veronika, yeah, we all do this -- so instead, let's write write write!! :D

  5. so, thank you - I have adopted your mantra forever and I love it's simplicity - its kind of what I say to my children - quite parental haha