Tuesday 6 July 2010

Upcoming Classics at the Prince Charles Cinema, London.

The other day I saw SOME LIKE IT HOT at the Prince Charles Cinema. They're showing it again next week. Not only that - but over the coming weeks they have JAWS, JURASSIC PARK, KISS ME DEADLY, CINEMA PARADISO, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, THE GODFATHER, and many others.

If you like good movies and you like seeing them in the cinema and you like being in London; then go book some tickets on their site - they are single handedly keeping me interested in cinema right now. Because Twilight and the rise of 3D certainly aren't.


Care to share?


  1. hehe... i like how you're a fan of films ;] im taking a class on film next next sem! do you mind helping me if ever i need it?

  2. DUDE this sounds exciting xD xx

  3. Abby, of course. Any help you need, let me know.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun!

    We're lucky to have an independent cinema that features cult classics twice a month. They range from campy to true classics. (enzian.org)

  5. This really makes me miss London, I bet 'Jaws' is spectacular on a big screen. 'The Godfather' I would literally watch anywhere (although the second film is my favourite of the trilogy) and I've never seen 'Cinema Paradiso' all the way through, by some weird chance of fate I've always missed the first few minutes, so I'd definitely like to see that one in a cinema setting.

    I'm still trying to talk my friends into going to Somerset House with me to see 'Manhattan' or 'Lost Boys', they don't seem as enthusiastic about it as I am though, the wussy, Norfolk bumpkins!

  6. Been meaning to go to the prince Charles cinema for months now, there always something there that I want to see. About this tine last year they done a showing and a talk of the night of the living dead, can't believe I missed that :S

    Looking forward to the bill murray double bill they have coming up soon, caddyshack and groundhog day AWESOME!

    Think I might actually try and go to the sing-a-lon version if the rocky horror picture show they're having at Halloween as well.... Any excuse to see girls dressed up in their underwear XD