Wednesday 7 July 2010

Today Is A New Day!

You woke up? You're breathing? Good.

You could email someone whose work you admire and try to arrange a meeting, you could throw down ten pages of a new comedy idea and ignore the notion it might be terrible, you could write and print sixty eight letters to agents DEMANDING they look at your talent, you could stay up all night watching your top three movies and totally immerse yourself in their splendor once again, you could call in sick and go sprinting through the streets feeling the freedom that surrounds you, you could make a list of 50 inspirational youtube videos, you could email your director friend and tell him that holy fuckturtles you love the fucking genius behind his last movie, you can write a personal letter to your best friend thanking them for supporting your career, you can put three hours aside to read every single word of a film magazine, you can spend all day watching old old old movies, you can phone Bill and Tommy and Maria and say "let's film some improv comedy, it must include jokes about carpets!", you can have a cup of tea, you can fight fight fight fight fight through all the self-doubt that's been pissing you off, you can kill the self-doubt within a friend in 4 seconds by saying "what you do inspires me so much," you can go out into the streets and sing, you can call that intimidating dude up and arrange the meeting you've been putting off, you can run at 50mph down the street with a live version of 'Born To Run' in your ears, you can come up with a music video concept for your friend's band's new song, you can have a day away from Facebook, you can have a day entirely on Facebook where you email fifty people asking what projects they're working on and why they're important to them, you can sit and breath, you can go out in the sun, you can go out in the rain, you can tell someone you kinda like them and then write about how great it feels, you can tell someone you kinda like them and then write about how you're going to kill yourself, you can have a Skype conversation with Antonio in New York and share ideas for a short horror film, you can phone up equipment companies and talk them into lending you equipment for free, you can sneak out of work and into the book shop and read twenty pages of something inspirational, you can watch a Morgan Freeman scene on repeat at least thirty times until you figure out exactly how he did it so naturally.Today is going to do more for your career than all the days of the last six months combined. Tell me how it goes! Do something amazing!

Care to share?


  1. Fantastic! I love it when you get like this! Wahoo! Conquer it, people... now is the time. :-)

  2. Yaaaaa! (that was my "get up and conquer" noise)

  3. I bought a ticket to China to see how well I'll work in that market!! I'll have to wait to tell you how it goes ;)

    And I can say that your blog is one of my favorites to read!

  4. I just want to eat a banana.