Wednesday 21 July 2010

Toy Story 3: Advice Needed.

Shall I watch the first two again, or go into the third one fresh? I remember the first two, kinda. I mean, I probably watched them about a year ago. But my memory is terrible. Do I need to watch them again? Even if I don't, should I just watch them anyway, to get me back in the zone and to make sure I get any subtle in jokes that might occur? Or is it best to save my 'Toy Story freshness' for the new release? Did I need to put a ' and a ' between the phrase 'Toy Story freshness'? I'm not really sure why I did it, and in fact; I failed pretty bad at English. So any help would be useful.
My question is (I know I already asked, and now I'm rephrasing, perhaps repeating, which is probably pointless, perhaps) SHOULD I re-watch the first two? Not do I need to, I know I don't need to, just like I didn't need to italicise those words just now. But I could watch them again if I wanted to just like I could italise a word for a random reason just because I can. I guess what I'm asking is: do you want me to watch the first two again? Will it enhance my viewing experience?

My concerns are:
  • I'll have overdosed on Toy Story stuff if I watch the first two immediately before seeing the 3rd.
  • The first two are so good that it may make the 3rd one seem poo, even if it's not poo.
  • I have a pain in my right knee*
  • If I don't watch the first two, I'll be pissed when I sit there during the 3rd one and the Potato guy says something amusing which is a reference to something from the first two films and I don't 'get' it.
*This is a general concern, not related to Toy Story. Although, the knee problem did arise shortly after they began production on the 3rd movie.

** It would be difficult to prove, and the legal fees would be costly - so I am unlikely to sue Pixar over my knee injury.

Tell me what to do! (Just regarding the Toy Story questions, not regarding general things in my life. I don't like being told what to do.) Thanks!!

Care to share?


  1. As to the concern of the first two making the third seem like poo, worry not! The third movie is fantastically awesome. They don't make too many "subtle" references to the other movies because for the most part it tries to do it's own thing and not constantly be like "remember that? From the last movie?" but the beginning is a really hilarious callback to the first two movies, and I got all the references and haven't seen either Toy Story in ages.

    In conclusion: If you are worried about overdosing on Toy Story-ness, you should be fine without watching the first two. Also, maybe you should see someone about the knee...

  2. You won't be lost without having seen the first two lately...

    ...but for me, re-visiting the rest of the saga before sitting down for this final chapter gave it a nice context and resonance.

  3. I say watch them. Believe me, I have had to watch them both MANY times but I still love them. Me and my kids are gonna have a Toy Story day. Watch all the films, eat masses of popcorn, play the games on the Playstation, and reminisce about the days when my eldest would pretend he was Buzz, and the second eldest wouldn't sleep without "de de" - That's Woody to you. Maybe we'll even take a trip to 'pizza planet' - or pizza hut to you and me, but my kids still call it that. Do you detect my childish excitement? I am 'Buzzing' lol Come join us Kid, were gonna have a ball :)Go Overdose on toy story, you know you want to...

  4. As a big Toy Story fan, I'd say watch them and love them. If you are the type who can/will O.D. on too much of a good thing, then you should probably slow it down and just watch #3 alone to get the full enjoyment...maybe watch #3 first and then go back and watch the first two. That way if you start to OD, it's on something you've already seen. :)

  5. I reckon you can go in without a refresher, but, rather than making the 3rd seem less than the other two, watching them all in succession may increase the impact of the third and leave you weeping like a little bitch by the finale.

  6. yeah, I want to know if it brings a tear to your eye, too!

    Unrelated, I think you'd like this post:

  7. Kid--I saw it without having seen the first 2 in a while and I'm really glad I did. It gave me a fresh perspective on the third film--and honestly, I think it's my favorite ;-)
    i was definitely weepy at the end for sure!

  8. Toy story is very good film so watching them a couple of times won't waste your time. Just like kids, they won't get tired of watching cartoons they love to.

  9. Toy story is a very advisable film for kids. They teach us good values and know something about the real friendship. Even an adult would love to watch it.