Tuesday 6 July 2010


The hilarious guy in New York. The girl with the voice in Pennsylvania. The gay guy in Sydney. The actress in Melbourne. The songwriter in Ohio. The friend down the road. The girl in New Zealand who should be in America. That girl I don't talk to anymore. The woman who lets me eat all her biscuits. Some random guy on YouTube. My family.

They believe in me.

It helps.

Doing this career, you need allies. Not everyone will believe in you or support what you're doing.

But they always will, so it's okay.

Care to share?


  1. Woah. Am just writing a post about audience, including the people who (according to Google Analytics) have spent some serious time reading my blog in the last couple of weeks, in Pantin (Paris), Culver City, Tonawanda, Odessa (Black Sea), Izmir and Icel (Turkey), Dublin, Chicago, Vancouver, Jackson Heights NY, Djakarta. Don't know them at all, wish I did, but they feel like allies and they warm my heart.

    Campbell X (Blackmanvision) says: "I think one has to follow one's instincts and treat a film as a friend. And think who would I like to introduce this friend to." And I've been thinking about this too. So.

    Thank you yet again, for another perspective on what's happening over here, right now.

  2. so true. are you working on something with movies? (ha, stupid question, i'm sure) but if you need some support, let me know! allies are great.