Monday 1 March 2010

The Oscars & My Woeful Predictions.

So, I gotta be honest, I've never actually watched the Oscar's. Sure, I love catching the odd acceptance speech on YouTube, but generally - I've never cared too much about them. Of course, that will change when I'm nominated for one - but until then, It's not a big deal for me.

However, a guy called Nick from emailed me; and asked me to partake in a thing whereby a bunch of us film writers post predictions to our blogs, and tell everyone how wonderful the vouchercodes people are (they are wonderful, they have many discounts for amazon, play, etc -- and they may even cure terminal illnesses, I'm not sure), and in return - I stand the chance to win a heap of vouchers and whatnot if I get the most right. So how could I resist?

Here are my nominations. Bare in mind a) I haven't seen many of the films I've nominated b) I've also nominated films I didn't like, so no need to blast me for taste or for getting things obviously wrong -- you're right, I'm sure, I'm just playing the game.

Best Actor - Jeff Bridges

Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz

Lead Actress - Gabourey Sidibe

Supporting Actress - Maggie Gyllenhall

Animated Film - Up

Art Direction - Dr Parnussus

Cinematography - Avatar

Director - “The Hurt Locker” Kathryn Bigelow

Documentary - “The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers” Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith"

Editing - “Inglourious Basterds” Sally Menke

Foreign - “A Prophet (Un Prophète)” France

Best Picture - Up In The Air

Visual Effects - Avatar

Writing Adapted - Up In The Air

Writing Original - A Serious Man

You can see other bloggers, journalists and filmy people's predictions here:

Care to share?


  1. Great pics. I love watching the Oscars. This year I'm helping cohost the red carpet at the Minneapolis event. Should be fun!

  2. He meant "Great picks." But didn't write that.... sigh.

    No best picture nomination? What's up with that?

  3. I agree with your Best Picture prediction.

  4. Hey, I found this after the fact. You got quite a few right...great job!