Saturday 20 March 2010

'Breaking Upwards' And Olivia Thirlby Rapping.

Here's a cool looking movie; cool in that indie-style-relationship-based-flick-of-the-year kind of way (previous archetypes: In Search Of A Midnight Kiss, 500 Days Of Summer, Away We Go, Little Miss Juno's Playlist State).

Here's the trailer:

Decent-trailer, right? Watchable. The woman is slightly annoying. Cool. Anyways-- what I love is this attempt at promoting the movie. It's been online for three months and has had hardly any views, so their viral attempts probably aren't working as hoped; but still, I love it! Looks like they're having fun. Check it out..

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  1. It struck me reading this that, when you give examples of this certain type of indie movie that In Search of a Midnight Kiss sticks out as being something so much more underrated and special than the other titles you mention or at least allude to. Not saying it's better or more watchable than say Juno but I strikes me as being more human and documentary-like than some of those others titles. Thanks for the tip on this movies though, looks interesting.

  2. I remember when I first heard about this movie I wanted to see it when it came out. But kid, since then I realized, since I'm tired of watching indie movies of white people with walking knee deep in malaise, I better work hard on making my movie so people can watch it instead of "White people with quirky issues"

  3. Escarondito -- I understand your point, I truly do-- and I agree; that cinema remains to often about white people--- there needs to be more room at the table for stories about everyone; and indeed, more tales that you personally can relate to.

    But; your attitude towards white people in this comment is offensive to me.