Friday 19 March 2010

Dancing Blog To Blog.

I Love My Rainboots is a great place to start - you can feel the energy and originality bouncing off the page. The Struggling Actress rarely seems to be struggling at all - especially when it comes to blogging. The name Mind Body Psychotheraphy will either excite you and make you think 'nonsense.' Either way, check it out; it's inspiration, and it's colorful. I Love Being Gay is not something I've ever felt the need to say, but this new blog certainly does. I find the Jungian Psychology blog fascinating, and I continue to be jealous of the non-stop creativity of Color Me Katie. I also like Asleep In New York but cant' quite explain why. The Intermittent Sprocket comments a lot more on my blog than I do on his - so, I'm trying to even that up by mentioning him here. Wild Celtic is always writing something new - how am I meant to keep up? Because I Saw The Film is so cool.

Care to share?


  1. Thanks for the mention! Your site's pretty cool, too!

  2. I may write new things, but you write great things. Very insightful, thought provoking, funny funny funny and helpful to others. I appreciate the mention. You keep up just fine!

    I'll be working on the GOSH videos these next few weeks. I've got the ideas, the camera and scripts in mind. I'm very excited to see if I can make a short funny video for those kids! It's the technical part that will be a challenge. But I've got a computer friend on the ready to help.

  3. thank you so much for those nice words :) i feel honored being mentioned on your blog, because you are such an awesome writer. your posts make me think, which i like. thanks berry berry much!

  4. Post is really nice as its title Dancing Blog to Blog, good stuff keep it up.