Saturday 13 February 2010

Watching Movies With Girls

I invited her back to mine. I wanted her to see 'Anatomy Of A Murder' as it really is one of Jimmy Stewart's finest films and the way Otis Preminger handled the material is incredible. She had been saying how she wanted to see more of the films I liked, so I was excited to be starting with this wonderful courtroom drama. We sat back on my bed and I hit play - and so it began, an absolutely perfect black and white film.

He asked me to his house, to his room! It was all under the pretense of an old movie or something. Yeah, right, 'I want to show you my movie collection,' I've heard that one before. If this is about movies then why am I on your bed and why is no-one else home? I snuggled up to him closely. At first I was concerned that he wasn't into me, but the way he was fidgeting around, trying to get comfortable was really sweet; and the way he pushed his foot onto my leg sent shivers through my body.

Her knee kept sneaking into the bottom of the frame, what the fuck? Does she not know I'm trying to watch? She mistook my searching for the remote as me trying to snuggle, which was fine, as we moved swiftly onto that 'touching each other' stage, which allowed me to gently push her knee downwards so I could actually see the film. Jeez. Wow, Jimmy Stewart is really something.

I whispered to him that I loved how passionate he was about films. He said, "I could stay up all night long watching movies." "All night?" I said. "yeah," he said, with a smile in his eyes, as he again caressed my leg with his foot.

I think she has some kind of issue with her legs? She keeps stretching them and raising them upwards, it's pretty bizarre. And she keeps asking really dumb questions like "Is she the killer?" "Does Jimmy Stewart die?" and "Do you want me to stay with you tonight?". I mean, it's good that she's interested, but now that she keeps blocking my view, maybe her staying over to watch the 'Three Colours Trilogy' is a bad idea.

He gently stroked my kneecaps with his feet; it was like a slow, sensual massage, it was really getting me in the mood. As I lowered my body under the pressure, I saw his cute face light up with a smile. I like how dominant he is. Every time I try to speak he tells me to be quiet, I like being talked to like that. And I know he knows it too because he keeps doing it more and more every time I open my mouth. He's driving me wild. I subtly brushed my hand across his jeans and said "Maybe we should concentrate on something else for a while."

I suddenly realised how stupid I'd been. There was me trying to watch a three hour courtroom drama when she CLEARLY had other things on her mind. "Can you guess what I'm thinking?" she asked. She had barely finished the question before I had quietly slipped 'Notting Hill' into the DVD player.

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