Friday 19 February 2010

Five Question Film School With Writer/Director Scott Prendergast.

Rather than ask questions about where he grew up and what his pets were called, I decided to get straight down to business with first time Writer/Director Scott Prendergast, whose debut feature 'Kabluey' (starring himself, and Friends star Lisa Kudrow) is now available on DVD.

1. What is the one dumb, stupid, silly, idiotic mistake that you made when making Kabluey?

I wish i had gotten to know - and hired - a Director of Photography long before we began pre-production. I did not know any DPs and I had never worked on film as all my shorts were on video. I wish I had had an ally who knew all the technical ins and outs. I wish I had worked with someone incredibly talented. I wish that I had a DP who I had worked with for years who I knew very well, and trusted.

2. How do you direct yourself? How do you know when you've got it right?

I've only ever made short films where I was the writer/director/actor. So I kinda knew what I wanted and just hoped that I was getting it right. Because I had written the material I had a pretty firm grasp on what I wanted to do. And every now and then I would turn to my producer Sarah Feinberg and I would ask her "Am I doing this OK? Am I awful? Was that good?" I think you can just feel it when it's going right. It's better to FEEL good about it than to obsess over "does it LOOK right?" I think that's a good rule of thumb for directing yourself and for acting.

3. How did Lisa Kudrow get involved?

We sent her the script - she read it - and she called me and said yes. It was kind of a crazy miracle. I really respect her for being so adventurous and doing this tiny movie. She was perfect in the film and wonderful on set. It all just fell into place very quickly. Which I guess is kind of rare and weird. But I am very very happy we were so lucky.

4. What is the one part of the film that makes you think "wow, I really nailed that!"

Lisa walking down the road crying. I had worked on that a lot - thought about it forever - planned it out a million times. And lisa just walked on and nailed it. I love that scene. She's so good. Also I'm very happy with the look of the suit and the physical comedy with the suit out on the side of the road.

5. What's the hardest thing about directing a feature?

Everything is hard. But the hardest thing? Hmmm... just getting the money probably. Finding people who will give you their money and not demand that you turn over all creative control. Getting a movie made at all is a miracle.

Check out the trailer!

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