Tuesday 2 October 2012

Networking in the Film Industry

One angle is this: networking is where you sell yourself and convince people to hire you, cast you, give you money.

The other way to look at it is: networking is when you meet the people who are like you who want to do the projects you want to do.

And of course, it's a needle in a haystack. But when you meet someone on the same wavelength as you, you'll know it.

So what are you waiting for? You think you'll meet the writer you need while browsing the internet or sitting in a park?

You've got to go where creative people are.

I say this as someone who hates to 'network'. I sit in the corner at film events and screenings, mostly uncomfortable in my own skin and desperate to leave.

Except for when I see a great film, or an inspired acting performance. Then I'm desperate to meet the talent. I get confident, because I know we'll get along. When someone nails it on screen, it means they've gotten through to me, that I related personally.

So then networking at a screening or party isn't so intimidating, because we have a shared experience, we have something to talk about.

And things leap forward when you make the effort to talk to people. The people who make things are people, simple as. So go talk to them. Get over your discomfort. They're just like you. 

Care to share?

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