Wednesday 11 July 2012

Notes, Thoughts and Pancakes

1. I used to be king of the rambly email. Now it's condensed for Twitter, and it's not that interesting. I need to write a long messy email to someone awesome.

2. 'Frasier' was a great show.

3. Still not happy about Nora Ephron leaving us. But the aftermath has been beautiful. Why do we wait until people are gone before we share the magical stories?

4. Pancakes are wonderful.

5. I re-designed the site. Did you notice?

6. Today over pancakes we discussed Kevin Bacon. But we didn't eat any bacon. We also discussed Danish films.

7. I don't understand the Republican's position on healthcare.

8. I don't understand Republicans.

9. If you are coming to London for the Olympics, bring an umbrella.

10. The Rio Cinema in Dalston is marvellous.

11. Often in moments of boredom, I look at something in front of me, like, a bench, or some trees, and write something on the spot. I guess it's just to keep me practicing. And for some reason being able to write about nonsense seems worthwhile, somehow.

12. Not that I'd bother writing about trees.

13. Here's what I wrote about trees:

I have not climbed a tree in a long time. I have also never been climbed on by a tree.

Do trees never think of getting their own back by climbing onto humans when they're standing still? And don't tell me trees don't move: back in 1989 one fell over and nearly landed directly on my head.

There have been very few legitimate incidences of trees climbing people. There was the famous one in 1973, when a willow tree climbed onto an unsuspecting man who turned out to be a discarded waxwork of Neil Armstrong. There was also the tree which attempted to crawl up Pierce Brosnan in 1993, but lost its footing around the kneecaps.

Whether the trees will ever find the courage for another attempt is unknown. One hopes that if they do succeed in climbing humans, they will also branch out into jumping off of them.

14. 50 Shades of Grey. There, I said it. This is the last time I ever wish to speak about it.

15. Hype overpowers reason.

16. My most listened to this week:

Bob Dylan - Girl From The North Country
The Waterboys - Girl From The North Country
John Mayer - Comfortable
David Gray - Babylon
Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love's Theme

17. I absolutely love the film 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist'

18. What resonates with you is what matters. Not what the critics value. Once you're dead, you'll just wish you had loved what you loved.

19. Every now and again you meet someone who proves beyond all doubt that human beings are be fantastic.

20. Conversation:

BOOK #1: "I'm great."
BOOK #2: "Read me, I'm much more fascinating!"

21. You can only take responsibility for yourself and the people you have kidnapped.

22. What does artistic integrity mean?

23. My headphones broke. I bought some temporary ones for 2.99. They sound terrible, apart from songs by The Rolling Stones, which sound great!

24. You spend your whole life desperate to hear "I love your writing" and then she finally says "I love your writing", and unfortunately it's the most you'll ever get from her.

25. 'The Swell Season' is a MUST SEE documentary. It's about Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova, stars of 'Once.'

26. 'Beautiful Girls' is a perfect movie. Amazing cast!

27. Peter O'Toole has retired. One of the greats.

28. I get so engrossed in foreign movies that when I look away, I get confused by the fact I no longer understand the story --- eventually I realise, I've been reading subtitles the whole time.

29. Would you rather have a drink with Jeffrey Tambor, Eugene Levy or Richard Jenkins?

30. I want to meet Bill Murray and have him announce publicly that I am one of his dearest friends.

Care to share?


  1. 1. I'm awesome and incapacitated (and on pharmaceuticals but not scary) . Messy yet platonic emails welcome. I write back because I don't have much else to do.
    5. Re-design noted and like it.
    11. I write nonsense well. Quite freeing.
    13." I have also never been climbed on by a tree." Could be my favorite line.
    19. AMEN
    21. Do you kidnap often?
    28. Love subtitled films but, you're right. Don't look away.
    29. Jeffrey Tambor
    30.I have always loved Bill Murray and always will. He's an awesome actor. Gotta love the Chicago dude. People there rock.

    Sorry to hog your comments. I am on pharmaceuticals and I have too much time on my hands. Cheers!

  2. 2. Frasier mixes 2 of my loves. Radio and Seattle.
    3. It's sad that I never watched "You Got Mail" until the day I heard she died. What a talent.
    5. Diggin the redesign.
    8. Nobody in America does.
    9. I'd love to be in London for the Olympics. Or, just be in London. I'd bring a Blade Runner umbrella.
    14. I'd rather read "50 Cent's 50th Law of Power." Just because it's 50 Cent.
    23. Quality headphones are a must! My favorite pair were some $30 Panasonic ones. I loved them so much, I used to sleep with them on. Sadly, I awoke to find I'd rolled over them at night. I did this twice.
    28. I love foreign films. You have to be engaged to keep up.
    29. Jeffrey Tambor. We could talk about his voice work and many other roles, as I dance around the obvious Arrested Development questions.
    30. I want to meet Bill Murray and have him ask if I know where he sat his proton pack.

  3. 1. I don't get Twitter. I try... and then I fail.
    4. Pancakes are the bomb. I love them smothered in butter and syrup so whatever nutritional value they once had is shot and they have as many calories as Big Mac.
    5. I did notice! Looks awesome :)
    7. Ugh.
    8. MORE Ugh. I don't either.
    14. I hate that this book exists.
    16. David Gray's Babylon will always and forever remind me of the six months I lived in London. In a good way.
    19. Yep.
    20. I'm having that same conversation with Kavalier and Clay vs A Short History of Nearly Everything
    29. Eugene Levy
    30. I heard the best Bill Murray story the other day. Someone said they were eating lunch in a diner a few years back in NYC when Bill Murray walked by, swiped some french fries off his plate, and said, "No one will believe you" before walking on.

  4. I LOVE your random posts.
    Also, please keep writing things during your 'moments of boredom' (and maybe posting them up here, too) - cos I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I love the book 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist' - have you read it? - but have never seen the movie. The two writers who wrote it are brilliant.

  5. 01. I'm using Twitter less and less, too few characters for what I want to express.
    2. 3. 4. 5. Absolutely.
    10. Haven't been there for years but it certainly was back then. Good to hear it still has that certain something.

    14. Yes, let's draw a line under that now.

    16. I heard the Waterboys play Girl From The North Country in May and it was incredible.

    17. Not sure how this has passed me by (having looked it up) but will be having a viewing soon.

    19. So true.

  6. Great post :) Yes, I noticed you redesigned the site. And I'd rather have a drink with Richard Jenkins.