Tuesday 13 March 2012

Proof That Taking Action Works

A few years back I ran an acting competition, which was won by Eric Geynes and Laura Evelyn. It was just a silly little competition, but they took part, as did numerous others.

But I remember how much interest the competition got initially. I got heaps of emails, filled with questions about the rules, ideas, etc. The momentum was good. But how many bothered to finish their videos? Not half as many who initially said they'd do it.

But Laura and Eric did. And they won. Their video stood out. It showed talent. It showed an understanding of comedy. It kept viewers entertained.


A few years later. There's another competition going over at YOBI.TV. Laura entered the video she shot for the competition here, and she was the runner-up! The prize for being runner up? A role in a web-series and payment of $2,500.

So now she's headed over to Detroit to be a part of something special.

Why did this happen?

Because Laura has talent? Without question.

Because she bothered to get up and do something? Definitely.

Don't sit at home with your talents. DO SOMETHING. Introduce yourself to the world. Congrats to Laura for doing so well in the competition. I'm excited for her, but hardly surprised. She's going to do very well!

Care to share?

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  1. Thanks Kid for your blog and keep on posting your calls on newsletters, that's where I initially found out about your contest.

    I've got new projects coming up, I'll be posting news here if you want to have a look

    Take care and once again thank you,