Thursday 1 March 2012

Any Any Everything

They bolted out of town on a train hurtling towards anywhere, like it was their last chance to finally be young and free. They took off determined to get to anyplace, all rushed to get there knowing this was the last time they'd truly live.

Life had been dying slowly for years, meetings and schedules and places to be all set up and ready like clockwork. They were gone and the train whizzed past everywhere and was headed to the specific place they needed to be: anywhere!

To be young and free and alive with no plans, that was the plan. All laughing, fighting, dreaming, smiling! Like the last hooray of childhood and teendom all wild and crazy in anywhere just North of everywhere.

They hit the platform and the train waved goodbye so they rushed to the hills all wet with rain and sprinted forever and never slowed down. Life was here and life is here and they were so happy to be anywhere. Their phone signals said "no" so they danced a happy dance and fled to the trees all giggling and free and excited by being nowhere and nothing yet somehow precisely EVERYTHING they could ever be.

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  1. Hey, finally found out who the kid is! Salvatore Cascio :) That is one beautiful movie :)