Tuesday 8 November 2011

Tuesday Dialogue #4 - Ally Mcbeal & Larry Paul

Setting the scene: Ally is getting insecure about Larry's feelings at the beginning of their relationship. In her office after a case, Larry tries to set her straight. 

LARRY: Uh, look, Ally. I, uh --  I know you're probably wondering why things maybe haven't err, accelerated as fast as as maybe, y'know last week, I-I opened up to you more than I ever-- it was exhilarating and uh, a little scary. And it's -- uh--

ALLY: Scared you.

Well I'm not afraid of this, I'm really really excited, if you only knew, how. I'm doing a lousy job of explaining it.

No you're not. You wanna take it really slow because you want it to be right. Well, slow doesn't bother me Larry. You and me we're gonna get there and we should just enjoy the ride.

How about tonight we --

How about tonight you let me cook you dinner?

That'd be great.

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  1. I miss Ally McBeal series. Too bad their relationship didn't work.

  2. I loved Robert Downey, Jr. on Ally McBeal and that they gave him a chance while he was having issues. Great show.