Sunday 20 November 2011

10 Things You Need To Make An Average-Yet-Likable Romantic Comedy

November 19th-December 19th 2011 is Rom-Com Season at Kid In The Front Row.
  • White people.
  • Who are aged 30-35.
  • And live in New York City. 
  •  At least one of them must be a writer/journalist.
  • The female character should have a friend who is full of quirky advice.
  • Towards the end there must be a work engagement that clashes with the precise moment when their romantic destiny can be fulfilled. 
  • Please re-read the previous point. It must be precisely at the same time. You either choose to run to the airport to tell the person you love them, or you choose your work and therefore live a life of unfulfillment. 
  • There must be an airport.
  • And there must be a moment when a character can't get past security and onto the plane.
  • Or a moment where they can't get past security to get off the plane. 

Care to share?


  1. Ha! ha! Very true, Kid. I immediately thought of a few Rom-Coms that fit the bill. Looking forward to more posts about this entertaining, often berated, sometimes fulfilling movie genre. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle) PS: Will be mentioning a famous movie series in Monday's post. ;-)

  2. Very very true! Great post and points.

  3. Funny but true. And I have seen every one of those movies more than once.

  4. So True, Sometimes they throw in an old boyfriend/girlfriend just to stir things up.

  5. An airport! Of course, and they must get through the security with their sentimental story :) I guess they usually have a quirky or funny friend. Enjoying this list :)

  6. I just made my boyfriend watch "Love Actually" and I think it has ALLLLLL of those plot points you listed.

    Awesome. I am laughing so hard right now.

    Here's an article on girls in Rom-Com that I think you'll enjoy as well - it's pretty hilarious.

  7. PHOENIX - Great artlcle!

    ANDINA - Yes. There MUST be an airport.

    JONATHAN - It MUSTTTTTT ne New York!